Create Digital Business Cards,
generate leads, collect payments, get followers, collect​ reviews, and so much more with JUST A TAP

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What Can NFC Tech Do?

Digital Business
Card Plus

Shares No-Contact Digital Business Card instantly anywhere anytime without needing to print quickly discarded cards. Saves in your prospects phone contacts. Save our trees! Even add a welcome video to the display page.

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Generate Leads &
Nurture Prospects

Generates leads for any business with just a Tap. Display virtually any type of message you desire in a format designed to perform on mobile phones. 22 different pre-styled content blocks can be added.

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Collect Payments,
Get Reviews & More

Highlight deals & specials and collect payments the internet smart way. Show featured products and services, feedback and ratings, everything you need to make more sales. Show buttons with links for leaving reviews and more.

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Positive Impact

Attract attention - get your prospects  focus where you want... on the opportunities that will serve them best AND promote your business goals!

Right now NFC is early stage... don't be late to this!

Let us show you how quick and easy it is to adopt this technology and see a positive impact on your sales.

If you jump in now, you would be providing a customer welcomed service that likely few of your competitors offer. Our NFC platform tool and white-glove on-boarding process will make it a breeze.

Don't pass up this affordable, high ROI service that can change the game for your business. 

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NFC Pro is a Professional NFC technology platform. We offer two levels of service. If you want a digital business card or you want to emply NFC tech at your business location or event we can serve you. We're dedicated to providing you the best of NFC technology for digital business cards and templated NFC launched message display with a focus on dependability.

Our NFC technology app creates Contactless Digital Business Cards, generates leads, collects payments, gets followers, collects reviews, and so much more with JUST A TAP.

If you want full control with the ability to launch your own campaigns and write NFC tags yourseld we offer full function application licenses. This will work for the business that needs to write lots of tags for sales teams, multi-location businesses as well as marketing and design agencies serving clients. Thanks For Visiting Our Site

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are NFC Tags easily available ? What are the options? How much do they cost?

Answer: The Tags can be ordered on sites like Amazon and Walmart and are available in various forms. Quarter size NFC tags come as both stickers which can be placed anywhere or a PVC white plastic coin style. For digital business cards the credit card size PVC cards are popular. They are low-cost and can be purchased for $1 and under.

Can NFC Tags be reused?

Definitely! If you have used an NFC Tag for one purpose and you want to change it, you can write over existing tags multiple times using free NFC writing apps. Note that NFC tags have a lock-down option and once that is programed the rewrite feature is gone for that tag. The tags do not come locked-down.

Are NFC Tags favored over QR Codes?

QR Codes still need you to open your phone and scan for it to work. NFC’s just need close proximity to the phone's NFC Tag area (usually top-back) making it operationally more efficient and faster.
Once you print out a QR Code, the same QR code cannot be reused. Whereas in NFC you can use the same NFC tag multiple times and keep rewriting.